DrDAQ is compatible with Raspberry Pi®


DrDAQ is manufactured in the UK by Pico Technology. Visit the Pico web­site for the latest in PC–based test and measure­ment equip­ment.

I am the illustrious Doctor DAQ. I always thought that data logging should be fun, so in 2000 I designed the DrDAQ Data Logger. Everyone loved it. Still a good Doc’s work is never done, so I increased the sampling rate and added more channels (including a signal generator). Now I proudly present my new USB DrDAQ Data Logger.

Whether you’re interested in learning, experimenting or prototyping my USB DrDAQ Data Logger will give you what you need, and at a price you can afford.

I am Doctor DAQ and together with my USB DrDAQ Data Logger we make data logging fun.



Increase the capabilities of your DrDAQ with our range of sensors and accessories.

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USB DrDAQ Data Logger

Whether you’re a teacher, student, hobbyist or professional the USB DrDAQ Data Logger gives you an inexpensive entry in to the world of PC-based data logging.

  • Use DrDAQ as a data logger
  • Use DrDAQ as an oscilloscope
  • Use DrDAQ as a signal generator
  • Built-in sensors for light, sound and temperature
  • Measure pH — just plug in any standard pH electrode
  • Sockets for external sensors
  • Digital outputs to control external devices
  • USB connected and powered
  • Use up to 20 USB DrDAQs on a single PC

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